Horizontal and vertical machining centres

We have listed all of the machinery the company possesses, with which it can guarantee specific or special machining for its clients with high standards of quality.

Horizontal machining centre LINEA Mod. METRO -N-

Spindle Power 15 kw
No.11 pallet 800×630 with shuttle
Spindle power 25 HP
Inside the machine turns 1180 mm x h 900 mm
Indexed table with 360000 positions
High-speed X Y Z 40000/1
No. 183 ISO 50 TOOLS
Laser tool intactness control
This machine also operates at night unsupervised

This new large-size machine gives a remarkable performance allowing us to machine complex pieces. It is very fast (40 metres of high-speed), it uses ISO 50 tools, is large and very sturdy, it is equipped with no less than 11 800 x 630 pallets, it works operator-free and it is run by a supervisor which manages production.
With these features, it enables us to be fast and flexible in the delivery of parts but with limited costs at the same time. By means of the supervisor we can also plan production.


Horizontal machining centre TMA OP6 FAS

Spindle Power 15 kw
No. 6 500×500 pallets with indexing table
Indexed table with 360 positions, High-speed X Y Z 20000/1
Tool change 6 sec. from turning to turning
No. 64 tools managed by the Random system (the control searches for and prepares the tools that is required next, while it works). Also, the loading and unloading of the piece do not affect machining as they are carried out while the machine works on another pallet.


Vertical machining centre MULLER ALLIS with pallet change

Spindle Power 5,5 KW
Longitudinal stroke 560 mm
Transverse stroke 410 mm
Vertical stroke 460 mm
High-speed X Y Z 20000/1


Vertical machining centre FAMUP CNC with pallet change

No.2 pallet 800 x 630
Spindle Power 16 HP
Longitudinal stroke 670 mm
Transverse stroke 450 mm
Vertical stroke 470 mm
High-speed X Y Z 24000/1