Tecno Mec sncThe company was founded in June 1980 as a sole-proprietor firm with the business name: Roberto Peretti machine shop.
Its aim was to succeed in the machining industry, and so the adventure began.
The start was extremely tough as there were considerable difficulties for a person who until then had been a factory worker and who came into the world of business at the age of twenty-two, where he also had to learn to produce independently. Furthermore, in that year there was a serious economic crisis which made it even more difficult to find work and acquire new clients.
Despite the initial problems and some errors due to lack of experience, the company began to make a name for itself and it became highly appreciated thanks to the reliability and quality of its machining, with growing success.
In 1982 the company became Tecno-mec. snc.
At that time production was manual and used traditional machines, but the first numerical control machines were starting to appear, that is, automatically operating machines managed by computers, which enabled the same parts to be produced in a shorter length of time, with a high standard of quality and less effort.
In order to use these new machines it was necessary to know how to program them, but, for fear of this innovation, which initially appeared to be very difficult, many rival companies did not buy them. However, Tecno-mec. snc managed to take advantage of this new technology from the beginning, using it to satisfy its clients better, to defend itself against rival companies and economic crises, and at the same time creating personnel who were qualified and specialised in the use of these machines.
Since then, the company has always remained at the forefront, purchasing increasingly advanced machinery with which it can carry out more difficult and complex machining in the simplest and most cost-effective way.
Thus the company grew and evolved hand in hand with the new technology used in machine tools, grasping even the finest point of their programming and refining its production techniques, also manufacturing special equipment and tools to improve the creation of parts.
Today Tecno-mec. snc is a very sought-after, continuously expanding company which operates on an international level in a wide variety of industries.